Many varieties are very limited in quantity. To avoid disappointment, please order early. We welcome your e-mail queries anent availability prior to posting your order, especially on noted limited stocks. Orders will be processed in the order received. We shall only acknowledge your order(s) if requested. An itemized receipt of purchase will be included with the bulbs.

Substitutions and Refunds

Please clearly indicate “substitute” or “refund” on your order in the event of a sellout or crop failure. If you do not mind substitutes, please provide a list we may choose from if necessary.

Condition and Size

All bulbs are mailed to you free of pests and soil, and to the best of our knowledge as the bulbs have grown for us, free of disease. All bulbs are of blooming size and unless noted otherwise are topsize as they grow for us.


All bulbs have been grown on our farm under our care in an environmentally conscious manner. Chemical fertilizers, insecticides, and fungicides are not used in any stage of production. However, depending on conditions at the time of digging, a 10% chlorine dip may be employed to reduce rot issues while curing.

Quality Guarantee

We guarantee to ship you top quality bulbs that are true to name and are healthy, firm and viable for planting. You will receive your flower bulbs at the proper time for fall planting in your area. We cannot be held responsible for losses due to: extreme weather conditions, improper storage conditions, delayed planting, improper site conditions, improper climate plantings, forcing, pre-chilling, planting in raised beds or for any costs other than the actual cost of the bulbs. We never substitute quality, name varieties or bulb size.